Smart Meters

At Crown Utilities Ltd we understand the importance of keeping on top of your gas and electricity meter readings. That's why we offer smart gas meters and smart electricity meters with full installations to UK businesses and domestic customers. With just one phone call to 0800 027 5052 we can begin the process of installing a smart meter in your home or business!

Smart Meters

The top 6 reasons for wanting a smart meter are:

  1. accurate meter readings
  2. up-to-date meter readings
  3. improved cost control
  4. improved monitoring of energy usage
  5. on-screen usage display
  6. peak & off-peak energy management

whatever the reason you want a smart meter, we have a dedicated team to ensure the smart meter installation goes as smoothly as possible.

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Smart Gas Meters

Get gas smart with Crown Utilities. We install gas smart meters for both businesses and domestics at comepitive prices. A smart gas meter can help you reduce the cost of your gas bills and stay in control of your gas usage!

Smart Electric Meters

You'll be shocked at how effective an electricity smart meter can be from Crown Utilities. We install smart electric meters for both business and domestic users at low costs. A smart electric meter can help you reduce the cost of your energy bills and stay in control of your electricity use!

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If you have a question regarding smart gas meters or smart electricity meters or if you need further information regarding our smart meters please get in touch using one of the options below

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Crown Utilities is a UK leading multi utility company specialising in electric connections, gas connections and water connections. We provide bespoke multi utility design, project management and multi utility installation service for both domestic and commercial developments. As a national multi utility company, we can provide any multi utility service, including gas services, water services and electricity services anywhere in the country and at very competitive prices.

Our highly experienced team is capable to undertake any utility infrastructure and connections management project, completing the job on time and within budget.

Crown Utilities has all the required accreditations to design, manage and install gas connections, water connections and electrical connections.

We specialise in multi utility installations. Whether you require utility connections, disconnections or diversions, Crown Utilities can manage everything for you. We offer utility solutions in water services, gas services and electricity services for commercial and domestic customers. We also specialise in new connections, meter connections, meter disconnections, gas meter removals, electrical installations and electrical connections.

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